Hardware Solution

Wecomput can provide customers with economical and practical workstations, servers and high performance computing clusters according to the requirements of customers in biomedicine. Our solution is flexible and purposeful, making your cost efficient.

Some of our products:

GPU workstations and servers for MD

CPU: 1 or 2 Intel Xeon E5-2640 CPUs
GPU: 1~4 NVIDIA GTX 980Ti/Tesla K20/K40/K80
Internal storage: 8GB-128GB DDR4 2133MHz ECC/REG
Hard disk: 1TB-32TB 7200 RPM enterprise hard disk, Raid5 array, pre-install Lustre parallel system
Mainboard: Intel C612 or higher
Case: 4U tower or 2U rack
system: CentOS 7
Common computing software for gift and pre-install

For users who need to build the platform, we can design the overall solution of the computing platform including software and hardware by analyzing the actual computing requirements, and assist users to build the computing platform. Such as a comprehensive drug discovery platform, usually including target discovery, target confirmation, target modeling, virtual screening, computer-aided drug design, structure-activity relationship analysis and molecular simulation, etc. Our solution will include multiple computing software and one or more servers to implement all of these functions. For some specific needs of customers, they can also be customized to achieve professional, characteristic and leading edge.