WeStation – All-in-One Solution for AIDD

WeStation is an integrated software and hardware solution for AI pharmaceutical industries. It is created by Wecomput and industry-leading companies, including NVIDIA and LEADTEK. The product has been certified by NVIDIA, and the three-party team provides all-round technical support for both software and hardware. It is convenient, fast, economical and sustainable to implement AI technology and efficiently empower drug development.

WeStation is based on various computing technologies, including AIDD, CADD, HPC, molecular dynamics, quantum chemistry, data science and visualization. It has pre-installed CUDA, TenosrFlow, PyTorch, Anaconda, Biopython and other mainstream computing tool libraries. WeStation can handle various molecular forms such as macromolecules, small molecules, materials, etc. It can be used for various computational applications such as virtual screening, molecular simulation, molecular optimization, and property prediction in drug discovery.

WeStation give fully consideration to the needs and pain points of the AI pharmaceutical field. Compared with common assembled or brand machines, WeStation has a full range of advantages in terms of pre-installed software, technical support, official certification, cost performance, stability, compatibility, customization, scalability, etc.

Thanks to NVIDIA GPU acceleration technology, WeStation has powerful heterogeneous computing capability. It can be flexibly equipped with NVIDIA RTX and NVIDIA Tesla series GPU products, allowing users to complete high-throughput, high-precision molecular simulation and design, or large-scale deep learning model training in a short period of time. WeStation has received NVIDIA Certified certification, and it comes with a three-year original hardware warranty service and free lifetime technical support. Our users can focus more on their business without worry about their hardware/software.

Wecomput provides users with the flexibility to pair with NVIDIA AI Enterprise software, which is critical for applications built with a broad library of frameworks. NVIDIA AI Enterprise software provides global enterprise-level support from NVIDIA to ensure that users’ AI projects are carried out on schedule. Link :AI Enterprise Suite | NVIDIA

At the same time, based on years of practical experience and deep understanding in the field of AI pharmaceuticals and insights into future development trends, Wecomput can provide users with medium- and long-term computing resource demand assessment and computing resource vision planning, avoiding resource waste and hardware bottlenecks.

If you are interested in WeStation, you can contact us and describe your application scenario simply. Wecomput will immediately assess your computing requirements and customize the ideal solution for you. We provide on-site installation and technical support.

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