Antibody Design

Wecomput is the first company in China to provide complete solutions in antibody rational design, including:

  • antibody sequence annotation: annotation on variable region, constant region and CDR region of heavy chain and light chain of antibody; and identification of antibody Germline gene;
  • antibody sequence analysis: prediction of translated modification sites of antibodies ( such as glycosylation sites ) and linear epitopes of antigens;
  • antibody structure prediction and optimization: structure prediction and modeling of full-length antibodies, antibody Fab region, scFv, VHH single domain antibodies, and bispecific antibodies;
  • humanized antibody design, immunogenicity prediction, electrostatic potential surface construction;
  • antibody-antigen interaction prediction: antibody-antigen docking, identification of antigen conformational epitopes and determination of hapten linkage sites;
  • antibody design and modification: antibody affinity maturation, antibody stability optimization, expression optimization, bispecific antibody design, antibody aggregation effect analysis.

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