Drug Screening System: AlphaScreen

AlphaScreen is a drug screeing data management system for virtual screening and entity screening. The built-in compound library of the system provides a one-stop data management solution for high-throughput screening of large-scale compound and accelerates drug discovery. The system integrates virtual screening, entity screening and compound resources, and the data are interrelated. Similar compounds are found from the compound library based on the principle of similarity for biological experiment verification, and the screening data is managed through entity screening module. Multiple active compounds are found from one active compound, which realizes one-stop scientific research data management.

Virtual Screening

Based on molecular topological similarity and 3D structure similarity, multiple active compounds can be discovered through one active compound, accelerating drug discovery. The system can realize one-click submission. The screening is efficient, and the whole process can be traced.

Entity Screening

Manage the screening data of compounds and their biological activities, and support the data management of drug screening at molecular level, cell level and animal level.

Compound Resource and Library

The system has build-in compound library, including drug library, natural product library and synthetic compound library. It can seamlessly connects with compound suppliers to provide convenient services for users to purchase compounds; it also supports the management of local compound resource library.

Data Connection Management

compound resource library-virtual screening-entity screening data connection, and the whole process of drug discovery can be traced.

Data Safety

Users can choose their own local or cloud servers to encrypt data and ensure data security.

Friendly Interface and Easy to Use

It adopts Web interface and supports multiple browsers to login. It is easy to use and greatly improves the efficiency of drug screening.

Convenient for Management and Collaboration

The system supports team collaboration such as design, synthesis and biology, data sharing and clear permissions.

Integration of Virtual Screen and Entity Screening

System integrates entity screening and virtual screening, and realize the data management of drug screening in insilico, in vitro and in vivo.