Virtual Screening Service

Wecomput provides a full set of high-throughput drug virtual screening services, including

  • target research
  • modeling
  • small Molecular Compound Library preparation
  • pharmacophores modeling and screening
  • molecular docking screening
  • hand picking

Users only need to provide biological information about targets, we can serve to screen small molecular compounds.

【Special Service】

  • Collaboration with leading international academic or industrial drug design software.
  • One or more screening methods such as receptor-based, ligand-based, and data-based methods can be used.
  • ADMET and molecular structure diversity can also add to the filter.
  • Several databases have been prepared for pharmacophore screening and molecular docking.
  • For special database specified by the user, we can also prepare.
  • Unique natural product entity molecular library integrated from multiple international natural product suppliers.
  • We will provide cost-effective service solutions for customers’ specific demands.

please feel free to contact us if you are interested and need.

【Virtual Screening Library】

Users can specify the library to be screened by themselves. if you need to screen the entity molecular library that can be purchased quickly, you can select the appropriate size of the molecular library from the following page according to the budget.

please get in touch with our customer service for more details.