Drug Design Service

In China, due to the lack of funds and limited affordability of cost, new drug R&D has always been the weakness of Chinese pharmaceutical companies, which has restricted the profit level of China’s pharmaceutical industry for a long time. Outsourcing is not only a mode of operation, but also a factor that changes the industrial chain relationship under the situation of world economic integration and a reflection of the transfer of world industrial base. Outsourcing is the optimal choice for pharmaceutical magnates. They can focus on core business, and use external resources and technologies to accelerate the speed of product launch, control costs and improve benefits.

In recent years, as a hot spot of pharmaceutical outsourcing in the world, China’s CRO industry has developed rapidly. At present, China has surpassed India as the first choice for R&D outsourcing in Asia. With the aggravation of R&D cost, outsourcing has become very important in the competition among large pharmaceutical enterprises, and the decision-making and attitude of pharmaceutical companies to outsourcing will rise to a new level. In the next few years, the growth rate of European and American markets is expected to decline, while the growth rate of Asian markets will continue to increase, which will bring huge development opportunities to Asian countries, especially China.

Wecomput provides new drug R&D services for pharmaceutical companies and scientific research institutes, including drug design, virtual screening, target or mechanism prediction, involving chemical drugs, biological drugs, traditional Chinese medicine and other new drug types.

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