about us

Wecomput Technology Co., Ltd. provides computional solutions for biomedicine, and is committed to innovating drug discovery by integrating cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, biophysics, high-performance computing, generative biology, et al. Wecomput has created a unique platform for drug molecule generation, design and simulation, including proteins, antibodies, RNAs, and small molecules.

In 2021, Wecomput received equity investment from Sequoia Capital China and was selected into the NVIDIA Inception program. So far, Wecomput have collaborated with 300+ customers or partners all over the world, covering many biopharmas, universities, hospitals, and institutes, including Otsuka, NVIDIA, University of California, Karolinska Institutet, CDC, Simcere, Shanghai Pharma, SinoPharm, WuXi AppTec, et al.